Latest Updates:

  • Jan 28, 2010
    Game updated
    - new levels
    - new costumes
  • Jan 22, 2010
    Site Uploaded

Run using your fingers on the screen to directly control your runner's feet. Move your fingers quickly to maximize your running speed. You can also jump or fly using the same intuitive finger-running controls!

Find out how it works in our video tutorial:

Choose from a wide variety of costumes, each empowering your runner with different attributes. Unlock new costumes by winning races. Choose your threads carefully and victory will be yours!

Ever wonder what it was like to run across clouds? Race across many wonderous worlds, ranging from beautiful to downright deadly. But remember, the real danger comes from other runners!

Unleash a plethora of wild and devastating obstacles to ensure your victory! Some obstacles will impede your opponents directly, while others will drain their energy to boost your abilities and help you take the lead!